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Châteaux and Manors
From imposing medieval strongholds to peaceful half-timbered residences with thatched roofs, Normandy is a land rich in castles and manor houses. Many prestigious monuments remain as illustrations of Norman military architecture from the days when English kings were Dukes of ...
Quesnay Manor
Formerly a very important estate, even including part of the Channel Islands, Manoir du Quesnay is recorded since the late 10th century. The fruit of alterations in the 17th and 18th centuries, the current manor has preserved all the features of the great seigniorial domain. In addition to playing ...
Fol Manor
14th and 16th c. manor that has remained authentic. Renovation work in progress.
Manor of Argentelles
Manor from the 15th and 16th century. Unguided tour of the outside. It is possibe to visit the inside depending on the guide disponibilities.
Manor of the Barony
An old priory and former courthouse under the Ancien Régime, the manor was built in the 11th century and restored in the 15th century. Explore this ancient manor on a tour that takes in the vestiges of the dovecote, the village oven, the spiral staircase and the vaulted cellars. Visitors are free ...
Bonelière Manor
Manor built in the 16th century. Beautiful estate next to the Egrenne river. The Manor has a stairs tower. At the 17th and 18th century, an independant house was built beside on the south side.
Catel Manor
Nestled at the bottom of a little valley and hidden by age-old beeches, the manoir is one of the oldest manor houses in Normandy. Built during the reign of Saint-Louis by Richard de Treigots, 10th Abbot of Fécamp, the manoir reveal its secrets and charms.
Chaslerie Manor
La Chaslerie is manor estate from the Domfrontais bocage. This estate is localy known as a "village", it was built in the 16th and 18th century, on an even older site, where can still be seen vestiges of moats and arrow slits. Around a closed courtyard are all the buildings of the manor (home with ...
Argouges Manor
A rare combination of Medieval and Renaissance architecture, with visits exclusively in the company of the manor's enthusiastic owners. Home to a thousand-year-old legend, the manor welcomes the public for a truly timeless journey, via a range of options and a multitude of discoveries. Guided tours ...
Madeleine Manor
Built in the 14th century and turned into a farm in the 19th century, this monument has preserved its authenticity and the stern appearance of the period (before the Hundred Years War). The town of Beaumont was built around the Manor, an icon of Hague Point.