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From Cotentin’s eastern coast to the Côte de Nacre, through the beaches of the Bessin, the Normandy coastline resonates with the poignant echoes of the D-Day landings. The memory of the summer of 1944 endures on the edges of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches, as well as inland. Today, visitors come and explore these peaceful shores by bike, on horseback, aboard a land yacht, in a kayak, and even from the air, to engage differently with the landscapes and events of 1944. Venturing into the vast outdoors amid historically significant settings and partaking in heart-pounding activities intensifies the sense of connection and remembrance while offering an unforgettable outdoor experience!

Explore the d-day beaches by Bike

Discover the D-Day Landing Beaches at your own pace, riding your bicycle along a variety of dedicated cycling routes. Follow, for instance, theVelomaritime itinerary, which overlooks parts of the landing beaches and provides breathtaking panoramas. A recently opened and beloved section is the Voie Verte de la Liberté, a greenway connecting Grandcamp-Maisy to Vierville-sur-Mer along the cliffs of the Bessin. This route spans 13 km, with 10 km of uninterrupted greenway, enabling you to reach the iconic Pointe du Hoc by bicycle.

If you’re looking to prolong the adventure, the VéloWestNormandy cycling route offers three itineraries (starting from Bayeux or Carentan) leading to the historic beaches of Utah, Omaha, or Gold before heading towards the Mont-Saint-Michel.

From Bayeux, three cycling loops (24, 27, or 48 km) lead to the coast by following small country roads.

Several bike rental services are available in the area for your convenience if you don’t have your own bicycles, with a variety of options ranging from classic to electric bikes.

Guided thematic tours on electric bikes are also a great way to navigate through significant sites with a deep understanding of the events that unfolded. Join local expert guides such as Hugo from La Petite Reine, who runs e-bikes tours to the D-day Beaches or Laurent, who leads electric fat bike excursions along Omaha Beach.

The D-Day Beaches by Land Yachting

At low tide, the expansive sandy beaches of Normandy turn into a playground for land yachting enthusiasts—Mother Nature’s racetrack, where the wind and wheels dance in the sand! The D-Day Landing Beaches are among the most beloved spots for indulging in the thrill of this coastal activity. Land yachting, also known as land sailing, blends the principles of sailing with on-land racing techniques, making the sport also resemble go-karting in the great outdoors. This sensational sport is a great family-friendly activity, starting from 7 years old. Land yachting is practiced all year round in Normandy, depending on the tide schedule.

Land Yachting in Asnelles, Gold Beach © Coraline et Léo
Land Yachting in Asnelles, Gold Beach © Coraline et Léo

ExplorE D-Day Landing Sites by Kayak

If you enjoy paddling, exploring the historic D-Day sites by sea kayak offers a immersive experience and a unique perspective from the sea.

  • In Asnelles, embark on an exhilarating kayak adventure with the nautical centre team as they guide you to paddle right up to the colossal Phoenix caissons. About thirty of these towering remnants of concrete stand several meters tall, offering a stunning visual spectacle as well as a tangible vestige of the monumental events that took place. An unforgettable, nautical Normandy Experience to encounter the legacy of the past!
  • Other poignant historical sites can be explored by kayak, such as the Pointe du Hoc, where American Rangers bravely scaled the cliffs on the morning of June 6, 1944. During the summer season, the sailing school in Grandcamp-Maisy organizes kayak excursions to see this significant historical landmark from up close.
    These activities are inherently dependent on weather conditions and tidal schedules.
Kayaking towards the concrete caissons of the artificial harbor of Arromanches © Le Floc’H
Kayaking towards the concrete caissons of the artificial harbour of Arromanches © Thomas Le Floc’H

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Paragliding over Omaha Beach and Beach © M-A Thierry
Paragliding over Omaha Beach and Beach © M-A Thierry