The Nez de Jobourg is, after the Mont-Saint-Michel, the most visited place in the Manche département of Normandy and is a must-see for any trip to this area. Its cliffs are among the highest in continental Europe. From camping to rock-pooling, walking to coasteering, photography to just taking in the stunning views, there’s plenty to do and see here.

fantastic scenery

Nez-de-Jobourg bord de mer

The Nez de Jobourg rises 128m above sea level against the magnificent setting of Cap de la Hague. The views stretch as far as Cap de Flamanville and in the distance, you can even spot the Channel island of Alderney on the horizon. Whatever the weather, hikers clamber the cliffs in search of a simple encounter with the power of the elements and the beauty of nature. Walking along the customs path is particular popular to immerse in the dramatic landscapes designed by the strong winds and crashing waves, comprising in a mix of dunes, cliffs, moors and pebble beaches.

This vertiginous decor hides the Lion’s Caves, as well as a small church and a larger one at the spot where the fierce sea has claimed many ships in the past. According to local legends and tales, smugglers and pirates once plied their illegal trades here, such as tobacco. The hamlets, the old stables, the bread oven, the fountains or the old houses with blue slate roofs seem to be frozen in time.

Don’t miss

The Church of Jobourg : Well established in the middle of the parish enclosure, Notre-Dame Church seems to have nothing to fear from storms and time.

Les Brequets : This toponym inherited from the Vikings means “large reefs”. They are in fact huge rocks that emerge from the waves not far from the coast.

The local goats: Don’t be surprised if you come across a Jobourg goat at one point or other during your visit. You may think the farmer has forgotten to close their enclosure, but in fact, they’re wild goats who play a vital role in regulating the growth of the plants around the cliffs. Their presence is a crucial part of the Jobourg ecosystem. 


Useful information

Cotentin Tourist Office (Cap de la Hague)