With more than 3,000km of long-distance hiking trails to choose from, you can be guaranteed amazing hikes to feel closer to nature in Normandy. Our region is home to a diverse range of landscapes with expansive and dramatic panoramic views that walkers will fall in love with and remember forever.

Beach walks, cliff-top hikes, countryside strolls and much more

Normandy is one the France’s most popular walking destinations. Whether you’re looking for a gentle nature stroll or a full-on hike on a national “GR” or Grande Randonnée routes which link Normandy with the rest of France and Europe, there’s a hike to please everyone. Feel free to visit our tourist offices for maps and suggestions of itineraries.

Whenever you are exploring Normandy, it is important to always plan your route, bring a map and mobile phone handy at all times. Come prepared with good walking shoes, plenty of water and a camera to capture the beauty of nature.

Exploring each walk in Normandy is always an adventure, so why not start yours now? Looking for ideas?

The river Seine and the alabaster coast in Seine-maritime

Paysages des Andelys

Walking is the best way to see much of Seine-Maritime – you can get to the parts of the coast and countryside that are not accessible by car. Why not try one of the many walks and experience some stunning cliff-top scenery?

Visit the Seine-Maritime website for more information on hikes and walks in Seine- Maritime.

Walking in Orne and the Suisse Normande

The rural and picturesque Orne department is a perfect backdrop for nature walks with quiet lush green wooded valleys and wilder hillsides. Sharing Normandy’s own ‘Little Switzerland’ with Calvados, the Suisse Normande is a unique walking destination for its deep gorges and rocky crags of the upper Orne valley.

Visit the Orne Tourisme website for more information on hikes and walks in Orne.

Walking in Calvados

For jaw-dropping views of the golden D-Day Landing Beaches of Calvados, you can’t beat a historic walking trail along the famous WWII landmarks. Calvados also boasts some of the finest countryside scenery of Normandy, with lush pastures and cows ruminating in the shade of apple trees.

 Visit the website for more information on hikes and walks in Calvados.

Walking in Manche

Randonnée pédestres dans le Cotentin

The Manche is a grea département for walking. Whether you prefer the wilderness of the moors, the challenge of crossing the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel, or tranquil walks along the Cotentin coastline, the scenery is stunning.

Visit the website for more information on hikes and walks in Manche.

Walking in Eure and the Seine Valley

Walking in the verdant Eure département is a great way to explore fascinating heritage  and a variety of landscapes from vast plateaus and plains, to forests and wide valleys  with footpaths and trails galore to enjoy.

Visit the website for more information on hikes and walks in Eure.

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