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We don’t just travel on the off-chance, but prefer to think our destination choices are based on their association with certain values, or because they provide a unique experience that reflects our own aspirations and motives.

Why Normandy?

Here at Normandy Tourism, we ask ourselves this question all the time, and our answer is, because this region is the real thing, where real issues were fought for, that we seek to share with you, such as freedom, authenticity and sharing. These three values are built into our DNA.

© A. Olivier / Fotolia.com

The Normandy countryside looks outwards to the sea, opening up fresh horizons and possibilities: a rich maritime history, a heady, addictive dose of iodine and sea air, blowing over the coast and forever associated with freedom. It promises a rewarding stay and an opportunity to get away from the daily grind of the city commute which so many of us put up with. Let’s get that sand between our toes, brave the elements and feel alive again! Here in Normandy we are lucky to have an abundance of protected natural landscapes offering spectacular views and bathed in a light you get nowhere else. For sporty types, the region is the perfect playground, whether beginner, amateur or expert. All of us are here for our well-being. Normandy is the place to get back to basics.

Family on bikes in the Calvados
© G. Wait / Calvados Attractivité

Then there is D-Day and the Battle of Normandy and all that history entails. Marked by engraved headstones, battle-scarred landscapes and the memories of the fast-disappearing ‘Greatest Generation’, the few who remain to be a living testimony to the cost of freedom that was paid for in their blood for us. In this land symbolising peace, people come from far and wide every summer to pay homage to the Allies, to recall the cost to the civil population, and to remember the price paid by the young men from so many nations. We need to ensure that their story is passed on from present to future generations.

Another huge historic story bequeathed to us is that of the ‘Norse men’, the Dukes of Normandy and the incredible legacy they left our region. Normandy is lucky to be home to a great many historic Norman buildings dating back to this period that survive to this day.

We are particularly proud here in Normandy of our artisanal traditions, and the way we celebrate our farmers, our gastronomy and our know-how. Norman excellence and our art de vivre  (Norman way of life) is known around the world, as is our way of having fun together. Our traditions tap into real values, rooted in the soil, harvested from the sea.

Medieval troupe in Bayeux
© S. Maurice

Across the world, individual and institutional initiatives are emerging to conserve the resources of the planet. Normandy is committed to sustainable development in order to collectively prepare for the tourism of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to stand alongside professionals, encouraging them to be more responsible in this regard, and to improve what they have on offer to the visiting public. These green initiatives will enable us to better manage the flow of tourists and to limit the environmental effects that risk overwhelming our ecosystems. Tomorrow’s generations will be increasingly demanding how Normandy can be visited without having to fall back on the car. It is our hope that in years to come, people will visit our region and say ‘here, they understood how important it all was.’

Everyone at Normandy Tourism – Danielle, Séverine, Eva, Alison, Marie-Anaïs, Thomas, Alexandre, François, Nathalie, Marie-Gabrielle, Michael, Sylvie, Sabine, Emilie, Ben, Valérie, Edouard, Sawina, Laurent, Laëtitia, Romane, Alice, Liliana, Dominique, Christine, Nathalie, Fabienne, Grégory, Eloïse, Christelle, Sylvie and Philippe – shares these values, alongside a desire to show to France and the whole world, our commitment to providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences and unforgettable memories.

See you soon in Normandy!