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Port Racine on the Cotentin peninsula is often dubbed the ‘smallest port in France’, and is well worth a detour to behold it in all its poetic beauty. Jacques Prévert was certainly right to love this idyllic spot!

Port Racine is situated on the extreme westernmost point of the Cotentin, about half an hour’s drive from Cherbourg. It was one of the favourite places of the poet Jacques Prévert, who owned a house not far away in Omonville-la-Petite.

This tiny harbour is said to be the smallest port in France, and boat size is limited to 5.50m at the keel and 2m in the beam. The surrounding wild landscapes of the Cotentin is also often nicknamed ‘little Ireland’.

From Port Racine, you can set off on walks or hikes along the GR 223 footpath. Or to get the full benefit of this picture-perfect setting, why not stay the night at the L’Erguillère hotel, which overlooks the tiny harbour?

Port Racine in the Cotentin



Cotentin Tourist Office (Cap de la Hague)