Train + shuttle bus
From 30 € per person
Minimum 4 h 29 mins
Seasonal offer: train + bus, from 19 April to 13 October 2024

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Take advantage of the seasonal offer from Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to the Mont-Saint-Michel, via Pontorson for a single rate of 29 € one way.
Once you have arrived, a free shuttle bus will drop you off at the foot of the ramparts of Mont-Saint-Michel. You can also walk over the footbridge inaugurated in 2014 to reach the island!

  • Taking a train instead of a car cuts your emissions by ~80%
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It’s an amazing feeling ticking a bucket list item off the page! For our little group of friends, that came with a recent getaway to the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel, planned and booked from Paris. To fulfill this travel adventure in a sustainable way, we used public transportation to reach the small sacred island off the coast of Normandy. Away from the crowds, we got off the beaten track to explore this top World Heritage haven and marvel at the staggering landscapes surrounding this awe-inspiring wonder!

Travel TIPs

Choosing low and shoulder season is a great trick to visit the Mont-Saint-Michel and avoid the crowds. In the summertime and peak holiday season, strategize your sightseeing: get up as early as the sunrise to explore the village of Mont-Saint-Michel or visit at the end of the day to enjoy the serenity of the sunset after the tourists have gone and the frenzy of the day has faded. The abbey is open daily until midnight! 


Remparts au Mont-Saint-Michel
The ramparts of the fortified Mont-Saint-Michel © E.Berthier

On our last few days in France, my friends and I were itching to get out of Paris for a quick trip to Normandy. Comfortably located less than 4 hours away from Paris via train, the Mont-Saint-Michel seemed like a perfect destination for an action-packed weekend getaway. We had seen the pictures, we had imagined what was coming, but even still, we were not prepared for the spectacular sights that would unfold before our eyes nor for this once-in-a-lifetime experience together!


Staying overnight around the Mont-Saint-Michel is an experience like no other. We chose to book our accommodation on the mainland to enjoy magnificent views of the Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay. Our choice was influenced by convenience, value for money and by the level of comfort!

Literally located a few hundred meters from the Mont, in a place knows as La Caserne, Hotel Vert** meets the practical needs of today’s travelers with its contemporary design. It is perfectly suited to host groups and families. The Mont-Saint-Michel can be reached either on foot within an easy 25-minute walk or by the electric shuttle busses from the parking lots. 

Hôtel Le Saint-Aubert au Mont-Saint-Michel
© Le Saint-Aubert

Also on the mainland, Hôtel le Saint-Aubert*** is only a few steps away from the shuttles and the information centre of the bay. Rooms are modern and prices affordable for a touristic site such as the Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the most visited in France! A restaurant serving local specialties will treat your taste buds after a long day of exploration.

L’Hôtel vert**

Route du Mont-Saint-Michel
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel
+33 (0)2 33 60 09 33
[email protected]

Hôtel Le Saint-Aubert***

BP 18
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel
+33 (0)2 33 60 08 74

things to see & do at the Mont-Saint-Michel 

If you only do ONE thing at the Mont-Saint-Michel, walk all the way to the top and visit the Abbey! To reach the entrance of the monastery, a little uphill climb through the narrow streets of the village will reveal breathtaking views across the surrounding bay. The guided tour is the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the history of this remarkable religious building which was once upon a time a prison nicknamed the “Bastille of the Seas”. You will learn how Benedictine monks started building the abbey here in the 10th century, why Saint Michel isn’t a saint, but rather an angel (or an archangel !) protecting and defending the Mont towering 160 meters above sea level. Get all the insights and tips from your guide to better appreciate the rich religious heritage as you tour the different sections of the monument: the cloisters, the dining hall, the Abbey Church…

If you have a few days to spend around the Mont-Saint-Michel with your tribe, it is really worth setting off to explore the bay. The island is surrounded by large sandbanks and walking across the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel might be one of the most magical strolls that you’ll ever take! To make the most of this unique scenery, we decided to rent a bike and ride a section of the cycling route linking the D-Day Landing Beaches to the Mont-Saint-Michel – the Véloroute des Plages du Débarquement au Mont-Saint-Michel.

On the following day, we ventured out on our first ‘Bay Crossing’ at sunset, accompanied by a qualified guide. Walking barefoot across the seabed at low tide is an experience that no visitor should miss at the Mont-Saint-Michel, but one that certainly shouldn’t be undertaken alone. Not only is it fascinating to learn about the history and traditions, the natural environment and tidal ecosystem from an insider, but it is also safer to rely on the expertise of a tour guide when you hit the quicksand. Although sinking slowly into the mud is fun and enthralling, our guide teaches us techniques to escape this loose wet sand that sucks in anything resting on it! What a sensational experience!

Visit (GUIDED OR self-guided) of the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

HIRE A BICYCLE – Les Rayons de la baie

LONG DISTANCE CYCLING ITINERARY: Véloroute des Plages du Débarquement au Mont-Saint-Michel


It is highly recommended to hire a guide or join a group to cross the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel, where the higest tides in continental Europe are found and can reach a difference of up to 15 metres between low and high tide.

Several options are on offer, depending on the tides : at dawn, at sunset, by night…

List of guides to hire for the Bay Crossing

Other activities to do with friends during your stay at the Mont-Saint-Michel :

La Base, SNCF

Market, groceries & shopping

There is no weekly market on the Mont itself but many are held in the surrounding towns.

Head to the Galeries du Mont-Saint-Michel for a huge choice of souvenirs and local products both from Brittany and Normandy, including some French fashion essentials such as the famous Marinière worn by quartermasters and seamen in the French Navy!  

Where to eat at the Mont-Saint-Michel?

You’ll find quite a few restaurants on the Mont-Saint-Michel itself. The Auberge Saint-Pierre is a firm favourite. The stunning 15th century half-timbered building is listed, the food menu is full of seasonal produce and local delights, as well as excellent pizzas.  

Located at the entrance of the Mont-Saint-Michel, La Mère Poulard is an iconic restaurant famed for its omelets. Once you’ve ordered, you can witness your omelet being prepared in front of your eyes in a traditional way. What a show!

There are many nice places to eat on the mainland around the Mont-Saint-Michel too, but few things triumph the simplicity of settling into nature with your friends and a basket of food!  Grab a beautiful ready-to-go picnic hamper from la Ferme Saint-Michel, pre-filled with the finest local treats and specialties! Ease into the moment and allow yourself to enjoy the wonderful landscapes around you.

Auberge Saint-Pierre

On the island – Grande Rue
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel
+33(0) 2 33 60 14 03

La Mère Poulard

On the island – Grande Rue
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel
+33 (0)2 33 89 68 68

Ferme Saint-Michel / Le Jardin d’Anouck

La Caserne
Route du Mont-Saint-Michel
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel
+33(0)2 33 58 46 79 / +33 (0)6 41 49 58 28
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