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Searching for the pawfect dog-friendly destination for your next trip to France? Look no further! With stunning natural landscapes, beautiful walks and abundance of pet friendly accommodation, a holiday in the Seine-Eure county of Normandy means you don’t have to leave anyone behind. Located between the cities of Rouen and Evreux, not far from Paris, the Seine Valley is a haven for visitors seeking adventure and the great outdoors with their dog. Let’s discover Seine-Eure together, a surprisingly welcoming destination for four-legged creatures!


Seine-Eure is an area of outstanding natural beauty, ideal for visitors who want to spend some quality time away from the noise of the cities. The Seine Valley follows the river and provides great outdoor activities as well as an insight into the history of boatsmen who were a very important part of commuting shipping and communication in early Paris on the Seine River. There are also many wonderful opportunities to discover the county from the water : inland water attractions include the lakes of the Ley Poses leisure centre!

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know to make the most of your trip to Seine-Eure in Normandy while traveling with your furry friend.

Le Moulin de Connelles

40 route d’Amfreville-sous-les-Monts


02 32 59 53 33

[email protected]


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Le Camp’Eure

Quai Foch


02 35 23 06 71

[email protected]


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Les Chalets du Lac

Seine Riverside Workshop-Gallery

12, chemin du Halage

27740 POSES

02 32 59 38 54

[email protected]


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Canoe Advent’Eure – canoe trip hire – Restaurant la Terrasse

20 rue du Manoir


02 32 35 16 46

[email protected]


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Gardens of the Château d’Acquigny

Château d’Acquigny


02 32 50 23 31

[email protected]


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La Cascade

19 Place du Général de Gaulle


02 32 25 97 41

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Hôtel Château Corneille – Restaurant La Closerie




02 32 77 44 77

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Top rated dog friendly ACCOMMODATION

Pet friendly lodges © Chalets du lac in Lery-Poses – TIS
Pet friendly lodges © Chalets du lac in Lery-Poses – TIS
  • Clos du Buisson : Let’s begin with some of the great places to stay that welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes with no extra charges. Located in Saint-Julien-de-la-Liègue, 21 km away from Évreux, this dog-friendly hotel has everything to impress both you and your pooch : a vast garden and dedicated dog breakfasts on request that include dried chicken schnitzel!  
  • Self-catering rentals at the Lery Poses leisure park : Set in the middle of acres of lush parkland, there’s plenty of room for your dog to roam on a lead in this natural environment. If you have more than one dog, the accommodation providers will allocate the most appropriate place to stay for your gang! There’s no shortage of activities to enjoy in the area.
  • Le Moulin de Connelles : Set in 7 acres of greenery on a private island, this magnificent manor house could be a true return to nature for your dog. The ideal place for an idyllic and relaxing stay with a little extra cost ( 22 euros) for your furry friend’s entire stay.
  • Gite Le Fort Du Ranch : Give your pup a superior ranch experience ! No matter if you have one or several dogs, this ranch is a true heaven with plentiful walks and space to roam in the 37 acres enclosed garden.
  • Camp’Eure : This campsite located in the medieval town of Pont-de-l’Arche, on the banks of the river Eure, caters for all sized pooches.  With plenty of walks options by the river Eure and opportunities to refresh with a dip in the water, it’s heaven for hounds and their owners. An extra cost of 1,55 € per night and per dog will be charged.
Moulin de Connelles © Miles & Love
Moulin de Connelles © Miles & Love


  • Atelier galerie du bord de Seine : Combine the joys of walking your dog along the banks of the river Seine in Poses and delving into post-impressionist art by visiting a talented local artist’s workshop. Michèle Ratel will be delighted to welcome you and your dog for an insight into her creative world.
  • Golf de Gaillon : Love golf and dogs? Among the things to do with your dog, you can visit this dog-friendly 9-hole course with you dog on a lead and enjoy local cuisine at the golf’s restaurant.
  • Aventur’Eure canoé kayak : If you enjoy the outdoors and like to bring your dog along for the fun, the river Eure is the perfect playground to involve you canine pal in a canoe or kayak descent of river Eure and take in the natural beauty of the Eure Valley. A little tip: one dog per boat is recommended.
  • The Gardens of the Château d’Acquigny : The Domaine of Acquigny is a jewel of history and an inspiring attraction to visit with your pooch on a lead, at no extra cost. With copious nooks and crannies for hounds of all sizes to sniff around, the 37 acres garden boasts a river, waterfalls and orchards, providing the perfect dog-friendly day out to please both you and your four-legged friend. For more to explore in the area, the lake of Acquigny is located really close by!
Château d’Acquigny © François – AdobeStock
Château d’Acquigny © François – AdobeStock

PET Friendly Places to eat & Restaurants

  • La Cascade Insolite : Located in Le Vaudreuil, this pet-friendly establishment serves up a myriad of delicious fare in an original setting and whatever the size, your dog is welcome to join you inside or outside.
  • Restaurant La Ferme de la Salle : Located in Val de Reuil, this dog-friendly restaurant is set in a vast garden. Settle down on the outdoor terrace with your dog whatever its size and enjoy a leisurely walk in a beautiful natural setting.
  • Le Restaurant La Closerie : If you are a discerning gourmet traveller, then this gastronomic restaurant could be the ideal destination to enjoy some refined cuisine made with fresh, full-flavoured, quality local produce.
  • Le Vin Cœur : Located in Louviers, this friendly restaurant is a welcoming place for dogs of all sizes on the outdoor terrace, allowing small dogs only inside.


All the service providers listed on this page are featured on the website EmmèneTonChien.com, France’s leading pet travel and lifestyle platform connecting pet owners with pet-friendly places. Awarded with the Qualidog certification, these tourism professionals are committed to welcoming dogs and their owners with the mission of making pet travel easier.


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Dog-friendly beaches

Dog-friendly beaches