In 2020, Dieppe market was officially voted France’s finest market on French national television! Held every Saturday morning, this market’s vast array of tempting treats, whether hoisted from the sea or harvested from the land, is an absolute must for any lover of fresh local produce.

The largest market in Normandy

Marché de Dieppe
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When the clock over the Café des Tribunaux strikes eight, the streets are already packed – a normal Saturday morning for the people of Dieppe. Come rain or shine, whether in season or not, you’ll end up having to elbow your way through the crowds here at the biggest market in Normandy, which starts at the Henry IV quay, opposite the marina and the Tout Va Bien (All Is Well) cafe, where fish-wives sell fresh fish and seafood on the quayside. As a local saying goes: Poisson dieppois, poisson de choix (Dieppe fish, the fish of choice). The lines of stalls run the entire length of the Grande Rue, right up to the Place du Puits-Salé, and into the side streets as well. Altogether it comes to over a mile of stalls, so it pays to take your time, cover the ground, soak up the atmosphere and fully appreciate the wealth of produce on display.

what’s on offer

Marché de Dieppe

A full array of food produce is on show – fish of every conceivable type, local scallops (when in season), organic fruit and vegetables, free-range chickens, Dieppe apple-flavoured caramel, fresh cream, and local cheeses in all shapes and sizes. The king of cheese here is Neufchâtel, which is produced just sixteen miles away. On the Place Nationale, around the statue of the famous shipowner Abraham Duquesne, you’ll find mostly clothing and textiles. Altogether, it amounts to over 200 stalls, a large number of which are run by producers from the local areas of the Pays de Bray and the Pays de Caux.  

Dieppe market has a character and atmosphere all of its own. It’s a weekly meet that local inhabitants wouldn’t miss for the world, an opportunity to rub shoulders with neighbours and friends, catch up on local gossip and have a good old chat. After filling up their shopping baskets, they gather at the local bars, the Café des TribunauxCafé Suisse or the Tout Va Bien, to put the world to rights. With the coming of spring, the terraces fill up with those keen to welcome in the warmer weather. Sit back and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of everyday life, la douceur de vivre, as the French say.


Dieppe market
Every Saturday, 8am to 1pm on the following streets: Grande Rue, rue de la Barre, rue Saint-Jacques, rue de la Boucherie, place Nationale and place du Puits-Salé

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