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Everything in the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel is influenced by the weather and the tides, the highest in continental Europe. Each season is special and worth a marvel at the grandeur of the ever-changing panoramic landscape of this fairy-tale site, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

Whether it’s the blooms of spring, summer’s glorious colours, the golden colours of autumn, or winter frosts, the Mont-Saint-Michel is always spectacular. Visit at any time of year for incredible experiences and lasting memories.

The Mont-Saint-Michel in spring

Visit the impressive medieval abbey atop the mount and experience breathtaking, unrivalled panoramic views of the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel and beyond.

© E. Berthier


Unsurprisingly, this is prime time for family holidays, so expect the Mont-Saint-Michel to get quite busy. Stand-up paddle boarding is an excellent way to avoid the crowds and see the best of the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel while enjoy your beautiful natural surroundings.

© E. Berthier


The Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel encounters some of the largest tidal movements in the world, so autumn is the perfect time to experience the Mont-Saint-Michel surrounded by water, steeped in mystery with beautiful wild scenery all around.

Mont-Saint-Michel © E. Berthier


A crisp winter’s day with the sun on the horizon, misty mornings, atmospheric cloudy skies and fog over the salt-marshes… nature paints the Mont-Saint-Michel with a new, dramatic palette in winter, making it a great time for a magical visit to the mount and the surrounding area, away from the crowds.

© Marc Lerouge