Nothing beats spending a weekend together as a family in the great outdoors of the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel to recharge our batteries. To truly get back to nature, we tried out the ‘Lit au Pré’ glamping concept, a mixture of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ on farmland, and we topped up our stay with a memorable crossing of the bay with Sylvie, our guide.  

Welcome to the fErmE de la Moricière

Leaving the main roads in the direction of Sartilly means crossing the undulating countryside landscapes of the Manche department. Our immersion in nature has already started. After parking at Les Basses Retières, we are greeted by an enthusiastic dog and Yves, our friendly host, with a warm ‘Welcome to the Ferme de la Moricière!’ and a refreshing glass of local apple juice to sip. We discover the stone-built farm, get the fascinating details of its history and get to meet other members of the family: three Norman geese honking to salute us. The farm’s cellar is particularly impressive with farm products: terrines, soups, jams, organic lemonade, butter, cheese, yoghurts. The concept is simple, you make a note of everything you use and pay at the end of your stay!

veau à la ferme - immersion nature en baie du Mont-Saint-Michel en famille - expérience

A breathtaking view of the whole bay

‘Fancy taking a look at your tent?’ suggests Yves while the kids are busy cuddling the rabbits in the garden. We load our luggage in two small carts and head to our accommodation. The shaded path we take follows a section of the pilgrim’s path leading to the Mont-Saint-Michel along a field of organic hemp grown by Yves to produce textile. We arrive in a vast meadow and our faces lit up as we discover the glamping paradise, we’ll spend the night in. The panoramic views of the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel are overwhelming! Before leaving us to enjoy our retreat, the kids are tasked with an important mission: make sure the cage-free, pasture-raised chicken safely return to their shelter in the evening and lock up to avoid tempting foxes!  

immersion nature en baie du Mont-Saint-Michel en famille - expérience
© Danielle Dumas

Glamping by candlelight

Opening our tent reveals the glamping concept at its finest and most fun. The fully furnished tent features a vast wooden interior, a huge living space with a central stove, a kitchen worktop with a water tap and two pretty bedrooms that the kids discover with excitement.

Once settled, we head out with the carts to fetch some wood to light a fire in the stove the next morning and to make a barbecue for the evening meal. What an unforgettable family evening we spent together around the large table outside the tent, casual, relaxed and lit by candles and oil lamps!  

Ferme "Un lit au pré" en famille - expérience
© Philippe Deneufve

The best farm stay ever!  

What could be better than waking up to the sight of the Mont-Saint-Michel floating in the horizon? For the kids certainly waking up to friendly animals coming over to greet them. A little goat enters our tent, we spot wild deer grazing in the field, the excited little ones open up the hen house to free the chicken and rush to see a calf born the day before our arrival with sparkling eyes! Great news awaits: Yves confirms he will name the calf ‘Pegazus’, a name chosen by the kids! That alone was enough to make their day!  

walk BAREFOOT in the bay’s quicksands

After breakfast, we head off to explore the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel with Sylvie, Yves’s wife, who is qualified to take visitors on guided tours of the UNESCO world heritage site. Crossing the bay through outstanding panoramic landscapes is one of our most memorable experiences! You can venture out there alone, but it can be a risky journey. The best and safest way to explore safely, especially with kids, is to book a guided walk with a local expert like Sylvie as the Mont-Saint-Michel is famed for Europe’s largest tidal variations. On the way, we sample plants picked up from the ground and observe migrating birds. We take time to get sand between our toes, feel the mud under our feet and experience the quick sands phenomenon!  


The Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay are a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Located between the towns of Granville and Cancale, the island is surrounded by the sea at high tide and makes for a spectacular sight.

© T. Jouanneau

USEFUL Information

Lit au Pré – Ferme de la Moricière 
Yves & Sylvie Guillard 
50530 Sartilly Baie Bocage  
+33 (0)1 76 43 00 61

DATES 2021

From April to September


From April to June and in September, stays start at around €165 a night for a minimum of 2 nights at weekends and 3 nights during the week. During the summer, there is a minimum of 3 nights at the weekend and 4 nights during the week.

Walk in the Bay
4 to 6 km (4 to 5 hours)
€16 / adult and €10 / child (from 5 years old). Count a little more for an arrival at the Mont.

The above information is subject to change.

Yves & sylvie

Yves and Sylvie are the owners of the ‘Lit au Pré’ Ferme de la Moricière. True nature lovers, they take great pleasure in sharing their farm and local knowledge with their guests.
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