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Fancy exploring Normandy’s coastline in a more sporty, more unusual way? Try aqua walking – hiking along the beach partially immersed in the sea!  Known as longe-côte in French, aqua walking is a fantastic way to burn calories in an exceptional coastal setting. Here are the best three spots in Normandy to try out this increasingly popular water sport.


Aqua walking on the Cotentin peninsula

On the Cotentin peninsula near Cherbourg, challenge the elements on an aqua walk along the shoreline. The long, gently sloping sandy beaches are just perfect to learn the basic skills in waist-high waves. After a few minutes of practice, you’ll start feeling all the benefits of walking on land but with less impact on your body. The key to effective sea walking is to keep your upper body straight and not lean forward too much. Be prepared to use your arms, hips, and legs constantly! Supervised by experienced instructors, this activity is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

Useful information

Pôle nautique de la Hague
Route du fort
50460 La Hague


Aqua walking on the D-Day Landing Beaches

Try aqua walking in the footsteps of D-Day heroes along the shoreline of the world-famous Omaha Beach. After a full body warm-up and a briefing on the techniques to use for aqua walking, you’ll be ready to start hiking in the waters of this long sandy beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. The waves, the sand and the high cliffs surrounding the beach make it an exceptional spot for this fun alternative to a conventional workout. Connect with nature and enjoy the benefits of this water activity in a special place teeming with history.

Useful information

Eolia Normandie
Le Cavey
14710 Colleville sur Mer


Aqua walking on the Alabaster Coast

How about a stroll at sea in the picture-perfect setting and soothing atmosphere of the Alabaster Coast? After even just a few minutes in the sea, this activity provides huge fitness benefits with lots of fun along the way. Enjoy beautiful surroundings and take in the magnificent view of the chalky cliffs, sea breeze and sound of seagulls. Wearing a neoprene wet suit and guided by a qualified instructor, you can either take it at a stroll or make it a workout by walking as if you were on land, all while discovering Normandy’s stunning maritime heritage. Up for the challenge?

Useful information

Service des sports
Communauté de commune de la Côte d’Albâtre
48 bis route de Veulettes
76450 Cany-Barville

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