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Granville is a top destination for families, with a wealth of walks to enjoy in and around the town. Here are three of our favourites.

1- Head for the Upper Town

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Discover the town dubbed the ‘Monaco of the North’ from above on this easy walk. Start at the Grand’Porte archway and drawbridge leading into Granville’s Upper Town, walk along the ramparts and cobbled streets dotted with former shipowners’ residences, and marvel and a number of spectacular panoramic views on the way. This picturesque walk will take you to the old barracks, the red lighthouse, the Pointe du Roc and Cape Lihou capeland, which boast more stunning views and dramatic natural scenery. Head down the quays for breathtaking views of the harbour and the Marité ship, which pays tribute to the town’s glorious fishing past. Walk past the fish auction house, open to the public only once a year, before strolling up the Rampe du Monte à Regrets just opposite the fishing nets, which leads to the pretty Rue des Juifs and its artists’ workshops.

2- Walk the Monts de Bouillon

The perfect combination of urban and rural scenery, this walk takes you on a circular loop through the tranquil pastures and coastal scenery of the Monts de Bouillon (the heights of Bouillon) and the picturesque town of Jullouville-Les-Pins south of Granville, with its seaside villas. On your uphill ascent you will see the 55-acre lake of Bouillon, which used to belong to the monks of the Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel but is now owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Legend has it that a village lies at the bottom of the lake and that its church bells can still be heard some evenings. Make your way to the end of the Chemin des Monts and onto the Impasse de la Nevourie to get to the Pointe de Névourie lookout point. On a clear day, enjoy exhilarating views from here across the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel all the way to Cancale and the Pointe du Grouin on the Brittany side, and to the Chausey Islands and Granville on the Normandy side.

3- Venture to the end of the world

Venture north of Granville to La Havre de la Vanlée – a harbour nicknamed ‘the end of the world’ – for a stroll along the shore and across the marram grass and marshes. This protected area boasts stunning coastal landscapes dotted with occasional sheepfolds. At ebb tide, golden sand is revealed that is marbled with blue and bouchot mussel stakes. Le Havre de la Vanlée is part of the area known as La Côte des Havres, a coastline made up of eight natural harbours. 70% of this area is salt-marshes, where sheep graze on puccinellia maritima, a species of grass known as ‘sheep grass’. The whole family will enjoy the seaside and lunar-like scenery on this bracing coastal walk.


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