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Discover the Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay through the Timetravel App.

Timetravel Corp is the first travel agency in the solar system to take you on a journey through time! Seen from the year 2069 it accompanies you in a voyage of discovery through different eras, from the most ancient to the most recent, thanks to the best that current technologies can offer. With the help of your “timephone” – the future smartphone – “liaison officers” in real time take you on an adventure that allows you to go back into History with a capital H.

The App sets you off on fun and instructive “missions” which you can do alone or among friends and family.

Relive time-travel experiences:

L'application Timetravel au Mont-Saint-Michel

Tripping through the Mont in 1200 years’ time!

Travel across other epochs to find your own! Cosmic forces that swirl around the Mont have toppled the processes of time travel! Now you find yourself lost in this time-space vortex and getting out of it “ain’t gonna be easy”! You will stumble across various characters, some of whom will be there to help, others to frustrate. The question is, will you be able to find your way out of the Mont in 1200 years’ time?

L'affiche de l'application timetravel à l'abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel

Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel

Let’s go back to the XIXth century and help out the Architect of Ancient Monuments Victor Petitgrand to design a new spire for the Abbey church. Things however are not going to be as simple as they seem! Your liaison officer, Al, tells you that at night some strange characters have been seen wandering around the deserted Abbey.

Affiche de l'application Timetravel à Saint-Malô

In Saint-Malo with the Sea Captains

Take on the role of Jeanne, a young girl of good family who wishes to go to sea. But the sailors of Saint-Malo are opposed: they don’t want to see such a girl on board any of their boats. This is 1757 and a very different world to ours today. This historic quest will, in your rôle, make a name for yourself among the sea captains!

Affiche de l'application Timetravel à Granville

In Granville, in the shadow of the pointe du Roc

Our on the spot reporter is Rick. It’s 1940 and he has been lost sight of in Granville while carrying out an enquiry as the Germans arrive to occupy the town. But be careful not to be caught in the shadows of the pointe du Roc!

Affiche de l'application Timetravel à Avranches

In Avranches, take part in Opération Cobra 

Come and help out our agent Rick. He’s carrying out an enquiry under cover for the American 4th Armored Division. It’s 1943 and his battery has run out on his Timephone! On the back of this unpardonable oversight you will be catapulted into the reasons for mounting Operation Overlord.

Ready for the adventure?

 – Free > download the Timetravel App (iphone or ipad loaded – wifi + 4G) best before your arrival. wifi free of charge at the tourist offices.

– No connection required to enjoy the adventures

– Children from 10

– Adventures last 1h30 – 2h

– Please consider a bit of elevation and stairs

– Earphones or headphones required

Timetravel corp’s time adventures have been designed to enhance your visits thanks to:

– Geolocated routes

– Hundreds of archival documents

– Colorful virtual characters

– Dozens of game modules to test your knowledge

– The bay’s best kept secrets and anecdotes

Timetravel App is free of charge and offered by the Brittany and Normandy Regions with the support of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.