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Our many magical beaches make Normandy an ideal destination for horse-riding, providing freedom for horses and an exhilarating experience for riders. Here are five of the best spots to saddle upfor seaside equestrian adventures.


Deauville, the place to be

One of the most idyllic places for exploring on horseback is the chic seaside resort of Deauville. Few towns revere the horse as much as Deauville and horseback riding is deeply woven into the local culture. The town and its famous La Touques racecourse were founded by the Duke de Morny at the end of the 19th century and have remained equestrian hot spotsever since. Deauville is blessed with a stunning beach where you can enjoy horse-riding as the sun goes down.

Useful information

Club Hippique La Mangeoire
Rue Reynaldo Hahn
14800 Deauville


Cabourg, full of Belle Époque charm

Saddle up in Cabourg, on the Flowered Coast, for a riding experience immersed in romantic Belle Epoque charm. From the famous Grand Hôtel, ride along the ‘lovers’ beach’, enjoying exhilarating views and even a gallop at low tide if you are an experienced rider.


Useful information

Poney Club de Cabourg Le Home
Avenue du Président René Coty
14390 Le Home


Bec d’Andaine beach, overlooking the Mont-Saint-Michel

A popular spot for horse-riding enthusiasts, Bec d’Andaine beach is the starting point for walking and riding adventures across the Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel. What better way to enjoy the stunning scenery and panoramic views of the Mont-Saint-Michel than from the back of a horse? A gorgeous ride to suit all ages and levels.



Useful information

Le Bec d'Andaine
50530 Genêts


The D-Day Landing Beaches, steeped in history

It comes as no surprise that the D-Day Landing Beaches provide a vast and varied landscape for horse riding. In the Bessin area, both Utah Beach and Omaha Beach are picturesque places to enjoy some beach riding.



Useful information

Ferme équestre de la Noé
Rue de Cabourg
14710 Colleville-sur-Mer


The Cotentin, wild western Normandy

Head for the western side of the Cotentin peninsula, towards Bréhal, Agon-Coutainville and Barneville-Carteret, where the coast known as the Côte des Isles offers miles of golden beaches, sand dunes and views of the Channel Islands, perfect for a horse-riding experience suitable for both experienced riders and novices.



Useful information

Centre équestre Agon Coutainville
56 charrière du commerce
50230 Agon-Coutainville

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