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Want the freedom of riding your own horse or pony on a holiday to Normandy? Why not take them with you? Normandy’s vast, diverse landscapes offer some fantastic opportunities for horse riders. Here’s a hand-picked selection of ‘horses welcome’ self-catering accommodation across the region, complete with stables, which can be booked on Equimov, aka ‘Airbnb for horse owners’.


Saddle up on the Alabaster Coast

Viewing the famous white cliffs of Etretat from atop your horse is one Normandy’s best horseback adventures! Located between Fécamp et Etretat, this eco-friendly cottage accommodates up to 11 people and also has stables for horses. Ready to explore the cliff tops on horseback?


Stay near the Saint-Lô National Stud

The Manche département is home to many wonderful bridleways, especially in the countryside around Saint-Lô. Explore the area and ride at the equestrian centre at the Saint-Lô National Stud, one of the largest studs in France. With its varied landscape and long tradition of horsemanship, this part of Normandy is ideal for a horse-riding holiday.


Enjoy nature around Forges-Les-Eaux

Forges-les-Eaux is a spa town in the Pays de Bray just inland from Dieppe. Enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside around this town and the freedom of riding your own horse along traffic-free bridleways and through the scenic forest of Epinay. Why not enjoy some tasty regional products en route?


Visit the horse-racing haven of Deauville

Normandy’s Flowered Coast has long inspired writers and artists with its idyllic, elegant seaside resorts, and horse-riding here is one of the best ways to experience them for yourself. Horse-racing is a year-round sport at the world-class Deauville-La Touques race course, which is also home to one of the largest horse training centres in Europe. Enjoy a thrilling horse ride on the beaches of Cabourg or Deauville, admire the 19th-century Belle Epoque architecture or watch one of the many races that take place on race courses in these two towns.


Relax by the pool after a day of riding

Explore on horseback the lush green countryside surrounding this gite, run by animal osteopath, show-jumper and dressage rider Fanny, before heading back to enjoy the hot tub and pool – the perfect end to any day!

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Top beaches for horse-riding

Top beaches for horse-riding

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