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Nothing beats surfing with friends! This morning, I grabbed Alexis, Yann-Mathis, Astrid and Romane for a beginners’ surf session in Siouville, one of Normandy’s top surf spots. Our experienced surf instructor William from the Cotentin Surf Club coached us all morning, and got us up on our boards and confidently catching waves in no time!

Gearing up For our First Surf Lesson

We arrive at Cotentin Surf Club at 10am to make the most of the excellent morning surf conditions: sunshine, gentle waves and a light wind. After meeting Guillaume,the manager, William our surf instructor and a few other beginners, we wriggle into our wetsuits; the first test of our balance and flexibility! In the distance, we spot a few local surfers cruising on the waves with flair and flow, and hope we’ll soon be doing the same…

Tips Before we get in the water

After going down the dune path that leads to the beach, William gives a short introduction of the surf spot and goes through the safety rules. Around a semi- circle on the sand, we practice the basic surfing techniques. We learn how to position ourselves on the board when paddling, foot placement when standing as well as how to pop up or transitioning from lying down on our bellies to getting up on our feet, also known as the take off. After a few successful attempts, it’s time for the most awaited part – the practical session in the water.

Surfing our first waves

Turning theory into practice can be a little tricky. After getting comfortable with lying on our surfboard and paddling, it’s time to get up on our feet. After a few hesitant, wobbly and unsteady attempts, we start recovering our balance after jumping onto our feet and popping up in the right position following William’s instructions. We’re surfing! We enjoy our first achievements, surely not as graceful as we imagined. To be honest with you, everyone falls off their board and gets water up their nose, that’s all a part of the learning experience. Nevertheless, we keep trying with resilience and determination.  

After all, there’s a saying that ‘the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.’ Certainly, surfing is about enjoying time spent in the ocean and having fun! After an hour and a half, we head back on the beach exhausted and tired but thrilled by that profound feeling of exhilaration and a sense of the raw enjoyment surfing can be.

Our reward

After returning the equipment, we allow ourselves to rest and recover with a delicious ice-cream at nearby artisan ice cream parlour, Croquez-Moi. Sitting on the beach, we enjoy our ice creams in silence, just gazing out to sea. After this well-deserved treat and a team debrief, we all agree that our first surf lesson was incredibly fulfilling. The excitement of overcoming our fears and the euphoria associated with catching our first waves leave us so ecstatic, we’re definitely craving to try again and progress to higher and faster waves. We’ll definitely be back for more!


In the heart of the Biville sand dunes, Siouville-Hague is renowned for its fine sandy beaches and the quality of its surf spot. An ideal place to learn and practise water sports while enjoying the Normandy coastline!

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Cotentin Surf Club
14 Boulevard Ferdinand Deveaud
50340 Siouville-Hague
+33 (0)2 33 41 39 58 

Open 10am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-6pm every day from April to 30 November.

Duration: 1h30

Surfboards and wetsuits provided by the surf club.

Please bring a swim suit, dry towel and warm clothing for afterwards.

All surf lessons subject to weather conditions

Open to anyone with a disability


€40 per person
3 X 1 h 30 sessions: €100
5 X 1 h 30 sessions: €150


Surf instructor

Riding along on a wave is an incredible feeling whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced surfer. William is an experienced, certified and passionate surf instructor who will teach you everything about surfing and help you improve in the best possible way!

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