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With more than 30 golf courses across the region, Normandy is the perfect place to take your first swing! If you’ve never played golf before, some of our golf clubs offer free coaching to get you started. Here are the best places for beginners to get a little bit of practice before hitting those white balls with ease and style!


Golf de Jumièges

Set in the Meanders of the Seine Regional Natural Park, Jumièges golf course offers free taster sessions to the public. Learn the basics from grip to posture in a 90-minute session and hit your first balls like a pro!  

Useful information

Le Golf de Jumièges
Route du Manoir
76480 Jumièges

Open days  in March and June and from September to the end of October 2020


Golf de Caen la Mer

Learning the basics of the golf swing involving getting into that swing stance. The team at the Caen la Mer golf course believes golf is a great game for everyone of all ages and supports beginners’ first steps during a free 90-minute introductory session. Give it a go  


Useful information

Le golf de Caen la mer
Le Vallon
14112 Biéville-Beuville

Open days  in April and October 2020 


Golf du Vaudreuil

Learning golf has never been easier than at the Vaudreuil golf course, which runs introductory classes for beginners across its extensive course to give them a comprehensive overview of what this wonderful game has to offer.  


Useful information

Le Golf du Vaudreuil
26 Avenue Marc de la Haye
27100 Le Vaudreuil

Open days  from September to October 2020


Golf de Dieppe-Normandie

Situated on the Alabaster Coast, Dieppe golf course’s mission is to make golf more accessible to all. For a few hours, you can enjoy a one-to-one session with a professional instructor which will tackle your posture, take your game to an entirely new level and enhance your enjoyment of this great sport. 


Useful information

Le Golf de Dieppe Normandie
51 route de Pourville
76200 Dieppe/Côte d’Albâtre

Open days in April and September 2020 
Times and dates subject to change

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