Les Étangs du Val Doré



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The Val Doré is a site of 35 hectares with 6 ponds and 30 posts, very picturesque, located at the border of Picardy and Normandy, in the heart of the Valley of the Bresle. The ponds are gravel pits dug more than 40 years ago. The banks are populated with trees and the average depth is 3 to 4 meters with undulating bottoms and no obstacles.
20 years ago, the Val Doré was created specifically for fishing and carp. There are now 6 ponds in which a truly exceptional stock of carp swims. The density of carp is impressive and there are many very large fish. They are all stocked in the same way. Pond 1 and 2 also benefit from the presence of large catfish.
Whether you are alone or in a group, there will always be an adapted formula for you.
If you are alone or in a small group, you can take a ticket for a half day or a full day.
You can find on our site all the comfort allowing you to spend the best possible stay. Indeed, we propose on a totally secured and closed site: restaurant, bar, electricity on the posts, drinking water, shower, Wifi, fishing tackle, baits, bait boats rental, bicycles rental, biwy rental, cottages on post...
All the posts are accessible to any type of vehicle (except motor home).


Payment methods

  • Carte bleue
  • Postal or bank cheques



  • Groups welcome