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Envol Espace

Envol Espace is a travel agency specializing in customized school trips since 1984. We offer over fifteen educational programs in Normandy and over 300 ideas for trips around the world! Our programs can be adapted to suit your needs, and we offer personalized support in organizing your project.

Discover several educational farms in Normandy with your students.
Between the Livarot cheese factory, a snail farm, a goat farm and cider production, Normandy's terroir will no longer hold any secrets for your students.

In Livarot, visit the cheese-making village. Then visit the Canon discovery farm: meet all the farm animals on a 50-hectare ecological and organic estate. At the end of the day, sheep-shearing workshop.

Drive to Grandcamp-Maisy and visit an oyster farm. Then visit a farm with 350 Normandy cattle, followed by a tasting of ice creams made with milk from the farm. End of the day at the Billy farm: cider production, orchards, ageing cellars.

Visit to a snail farm: breeding workshop, nursery, tasting... Then a visit to a goat farm, where a goat is petted, fed and milked. After lunch, visit a honey production facility followed by a tasting session. Return to your establishment in the evening.



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