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It’s that time of year when the sun sets later, temperatures are milder, and people gather to watch what France does so well, an evening light show!


Every summer, hundreds of thousands of spectators line the square in front of Rouen cathedral to watch its facade come to life. Two themes have been chosen this year: “The new worlds” on maritime conquests and “Rendezvous with the light”.

  • From 2 June to 30 September at nightfall – free of charge
Spectacle Cathédrale de lumières à Rouen - © Mariska Trébaol
Cathedral of Rouen – Summer light show

The Mont-Saint-Michel

Rediscover Normandy’s most famous landmark through a new light show called ‘The Archangel’. Enter the Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel and watch the historic walls, ceiling and floors brought to life!

  • Beginning of July till the end of August from 7:30pm to Midnight – tickets cost €12-€15. Last admission 11pm- 1 hour tour
Le Mont-Saint-Michel de nuit
The Mont-Saint-Michel by night


In Bayeux, in addition to the cathedral, the light show is also on the magnificent ‘Liberty Tree’ just outside the cathedral. “Rendez-Vous à la Cathédrale” takes place at the foot of the Tree of Liberty with a 360° light show projected on to the trunk of the huge plane tree, honouring life and liberty in a series of musical scenes. Enjoy ten stories celebrating France’s journey to freedom and liberty in an array of vibrant colours. Pure magic!

  • From 11 July to 26 August (“Tree of Liberty” and highlighting of the cathedral) at nightfall
  • From November to December each year (“The William’s Cathedral”)-From 6 to 8pm
Cathédrale de Bayeux
Cathedral of Bayeux