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Although the UK has now officially left the EU, Normandy will continue to welcome British visitors with open arms.

You’ll always be welcome!

Normandy is the gateway to France for countless British visitors every year. We share very strong links which will continue de grow, even after Brexit comes into effect. British tourists will always be welcome to this beautiful part of France and can continue to enjoy our beaches, towns and villages just like they always have done.

Ever since the Norman conquest of 1066, the UK and Normandy region have been united by history. To this day, the Norman influence runs deep within British culture, from the Tower of London to British law ‐ much of it believed to have derived from Norman law and language. Even, the Queen of England retains the title of “Duc de Normandie” in the Channel Islands. And, as the recent 75th Anniversary of D-Day illustrated, the gratitude of the Norman population towards British soldiers will remain eternal.

Balade en gyropode à Caen

Enduring ties…

The UK and Normandy go back a long way. We share a common heritage that dates back centuries. With this in mind, and in the context of Brexit, we were keen to celebrate the enduring ties that bind the two places together.

In 2014, one of Brexit’s most prominent Leave campaigners was pictured wearing a necktie of the Bayeux Tapestry. While the tie was reportedly worn to “remind people of the last time Britain was invaded,” the tapestry itself has come to represent much more than the Norman conquest of 1066. It has become a symbol of the history the UK shares with Normandy and – with the prospect of the tapestry returning to the British Isles – will come to represent a new future of Anglo-Norman cooperation. And, even though the UK has now left the EU, we think it’s worth remembering that whatever your position, there will always be more to unite us than divide us. So, whether it’s to visit, work, study or trade, you’ll always be welcome in Normandy.

Tapisserie de Bayeux
Bayeux Tapestry

Normandy is Brexit ready!

Ports of Normandy and government services have organised themselves to enable traffic to continue to flow in the best conditions possible at all of our Channel ports. Steps have been taken to manage these flows, with minimal impact on the free flow of traffic. Many facilities are already fully operational and were put into action the moment Brexit came into force. These facilities mainly consist of buildings fitted out to house veterinary and phytosanitary border inspection services, customs control stations, car parks, modular buildings for domestic animal controls and signpostings.

Useful Information

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