Vallée de l’Orne et Marais de Grogny

Natural heritage, 


Pâtures – Argentan
©Mairie Argentan

This is a string of wet meadows located along the Orne flood plain. Flooding due to wet winters, the boggy nature of the soil, low elevation and many ditches, ensure that the flora and fauna in the area spend most of their time in or around water. Rare or regionally-protected plants thrive, Sanguisorba in the wet meadows, and capillary-leaved buttercups around the ponds, a refuge for smooth newts. The site is also home to numerous, typical wetland bird species. Ecological management was introduced by Argentan council and the Basse-Normandie Conservatory for Natural Spaces, with extensive grazing for Camargue horses and Highland cattle.

"Pasture" trail open all year round.
Access via Argentan town centre car park.
Guided tours available from Argentan Tourist Office.