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Looking for a thrilling adventure fit for the whole family in Normandy? Look no further than Rustik Park, an immersive a medieval theme park infused with history and legends. Step into a medieval world of fun and imagination allowing you to be transported back in time and become part of the action!

We’re ready for an exhilarating family quest in Chailloué, in the Orne department! The moment has finally arrived as we dive into the fantastical realm of Terevorn, the Kingdom of RustiK. Firmin, the friendly host at the Komptoir, welcomes us with open arms and equips us with a map for our thrilling journey. But before the adventure unfolds, it’s time to gear up in style. We are now proud subjects of this fantasy Kingdom as we don majestic tabards and immerse ourselves in the medieval atmosphere. As we step into the unknown, two knights cross our path, giving us just a glimpse of the enchanting forest where they’ll make a grand return with their majestic horses. The adventure is about to begin!

Au Komptoir © Thomas Le Floc'H
Au Komptoir © Thomas Le Floc’H

Wielding the sword, a mandatory rite of passage

Before heading to the Questors’ Bureau to kick off our adventure, we must test our archery skills and equip ourselves with swords. Our meeting point is near the arena, where the Kapitaine awaits. We receive a sword each , but fear not – it’s all about fun and role plays. We’re here to simulate battles, anticipate some unfriendly encounters, all theatrically staged. The kids engage in a few friendly exchanges, but it’s time to embark on our journey and seize our quest!

Important Notice: Combat activities involve the use of non-functional plastic weapons and are subject to specific regulations aimed at preventing injuries. Participants must adhere to designated no-contact zones, prohibited strikes, and undergo an initiation session to ensure compliance with the guidelines of RustiK’s fencing practices.

Archery Training© Thomas Le Floc'H
Archery Training© Thomas Le Floc’H

Welcome to the Questors’ Bureau

We arrive at the Questors’ Bureau. Following a brief introduction to the kingdom’s rules and operations, we are entrusted with our mission: to seek, find, and retrieve Galaman’s crossbow. Along the way, we collect some precious gemstones that may prove to be invaluable assets in this mysterious quest.

The map guides us through the forest. RustiK Park is nestled within a 37-hectare former stone quarry, now reclaimed and reforested over the years.We can feel the enchanting embrace of nature all around us. We stroll through this picturesque landscape, eventually reaching a rocky promontory where we encounter a lake carved into the stone. Truly awe-inspiring! This abyss will serve as our landmark on this adventure.

Fantasy creatures and characters

The Kingdom of Terevorn is vast and home to peculiar creatures. Some characters are mysterious, like the wise old sage residing in a forest cabin. Our mission is to bring him a kalembert, a unique kind of flower. The kids set out to find it in the heather-filled surroundings. This quest will lead us to the coveted crossbow, the reward for enduring a few whimsical pranks from the sage upon our return.

On this journey however, not all encounters are peaceful. As we tread along the winding path, a sudden cacophony of growls and cries shatters the tranquility: Orks! Standing defiantly in our way, they present an unexpected challenge. Undeterred, James swiftly unsheathes his sword, followed by the kids charging towards the menacing warriors! I join them in this battle that turns in our favor. Victorious, we emerge with a newfound quest item in hand.

After braving countless twists and turns, we return to the Questors’ Bureau. Our quest is successfully completed, and we are rewarded with the insignia of the Kingdom. A glow of pride illuminates the faces of the children. Time has flown, and we head to the Tablée d’Ocre to raise a toast and reflect on this enchanting day immersed in the Kingdom of Terevorn.


Parc d’immersion RustiK – Immersive Park
171-173 Le Bois Maheu
61500 Chailloué

Quester Adventure, Family Special (2 to 6 people) – Duration: 4 hours.
An extended full-day format is also available.
Reservation required.
No on-site ticket purchase option.
RustiK Park offers additional types of quests and scenarios for full-day or half-day immersive experiences.


RustiK Park is open from late March to late November.

Multiple dates on weekends and during school holidays: 2 PM to 6 PM for Family Quester Adventures.

RATES 2024

€35 / person for adults and children above 12 and years old.

€25 for children aged 5 to 11.

Free for children under 5. Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

Included in the offer:

– Provision of a tabard per person (the outer dress of medieval peasants and clerics)

– Provision of a sword (at least one per group).

– Sword Fencing Introductory Session

– Archery Introductory Session (subject to staff availability).

– Full Quest allowing the exploration of the Kingdom for a unique adventure


Immersive Medieval Park in Normandy

Located near Sées, in the Orne department, RustiK is the first-ever fantasy medieval immersion park. Launched in 2021, it evolves over time, offering new adventures to families and history enthusiasts seeking a unique blend of education, entertainment and immersive experiences.