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Since 2018, the world-famous Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel has lit up at dusk throughout the summer. Make your way through the maze of monastic buildings, watch the ‘Chronicles of the Mount’ night show, and enjoy an evening of mystery, contemplation and spirituality (all the characteristics of a good monk)!


At sunset, the doors of the Abbey fo the Mont-Saint-Michel are flung open and visitors are treated to a spectacle of state-of-art light and sound effects, video projections, and 14 audio-visual presentations in each of the chambers of the Abbey, all as part of the ‘Chronicles of the Mount’ night show that takes place throughout the summer. It’s quite the experience!


The ‘Chronicles of the Mount’ night tours have taken place over three years. The first chapter, ‘In the beginning’, took place in 2018, focusing on the early history of the mount and its transformation from a rocky outcrop to a place of pilgrimage. The second chapter, ‘The Archangel’, took place in 2019, focusing on Saint Michael, whose statue tops the Abbey spire and symbolises the fight between good and evil.


This summer, the third and final chapter, ‘The Marvel’, rounds off the ‘Chronicles of the Mount’. Light and sound effects will enable visitors to view the Abbey in a completely new light, as they are plunged into a world of mystery and spirituality. Visitors who missed the first and second chapters needn’t worry though; you’ll just have to come and visit the Abbey again next year!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in ‘this other Eden, this semi-paradise, this fortress built by Nature for herself against infection and the hand of war…?’

Son et lumière à l'abbaye du Mont-St-Michel
© S. Boulanger / Normandy Tourism


‘Chronicles of the Mount’ night shows
Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel
50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel

2023 PRICES (to be confirmed)

Standard ticket: €15
Concessions: €12
Advance group ticket (6 people or more): €12
Children under 7: Free

2023 DATES (to be confirmed)

From July to August each year
From Monday to Saturday
7:30pm – 11:45pm (last entrance 11pm)
Tour lasts 1h