Giverny in all seasons

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On the banks of the River Seine, the tiny village of Giverny is a place of pilgrimage for art lovers, devotees of Impressionism and epicureans who come to marvel at the gardens they’ve long admired in Claude Monet’s paintings. In addition to this picturesque paradise with its Japanese garden and pond full of floating water lilies, there’s a lot else to see in Giverny, all year round!

Giverny in spring

From beds of colourful tulips to delicate blossoms, the gardens of Impressionist master Claude Monet finally wake up after their winter sleep and reopen to the public. This is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the verdant, brightly coloured waterscape of the Japanese bridge draped with wisteria in bloom.

© Fondation Claude Monet, Giverny

Giverny in summer

Unsurprisingly, Giverny is a popular summer destination that attracts herds of tourists. The Clos Normand flower garden is in full bloom, ideal for visitors to see nature in harmony with the Claude Monet’s famous house. The village is lovely for taking a stroll around and visiting the private galleries of artists and modern-day Impressionists who have settled here, inspired by the tranquility and beauty of the place. 

© E. Tessier

Giverny in autumn

Claude Monet’s garden undergoes an absolutely stunning transformation in autumn, and visitors will rejoice in a myriad of majestic golden colours as trees don their most colourful foliage. Head for the water garden to view the blazing colours reflected in the water made famous by Monet’s Nymphéas water lily series. Don’t miss visiting the nearby Musée des Impressionnismes and St Radegonde’s Church, home to Monet’s grave.

© Sylvie Boulanger © Sylvie Boulanger

Giverny in winter

Monet’s house and gardens close for the winter but the pretty little village looks delightful after frosts and snow, so it’s well worth wrapping up warm and making the journey there – if you’re lucky, you might even catch a peek of the Japanese bridge under the snow from the road! Admire the architecture of the sleepy village, visit the Musée des Impressionnismes and enjoy the overall tranquility of your surroundings. 

©  Fondation Claude Monet

Explore Giverny by bike

Explore Giverny by bike

An invitation to Monet’s Home

An invitation to Monet’s Home