A romantic date night in Le Havre

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Looking to sweep your sweetheart off their feet on your trip to Normandy? A romantic meal out and overnight stay in Le Havre is a sure-fire way to fulfill your date night dreams.

a stylish, romantic hotel

During our weekend break to the UNESCO-listed city of Le Havre, we stayed at the Hôtel Vent d’Ouest, where we enjoyed a relaxing spa session, followed by an exquisite dinner at the nearby restaurant Les Enfants Sages. Here’s an account of our weekend to help you plan the perfect trip to Le Havre.

In the centre of Le Havre, the Hôtel Vent d’Ouest is somewhere any seaside lovers will want to check out! With nautical furniture, models of ships, wooden seagull ornaments and framed photos of lighthouses, this place conveys instant coastal vintage appeal. Bookworms will enjoy the library, which looks out onto St Joseph’s Church.

Everything here reminds us of the seaside

Pampering at its best

We were keen to make the most of the Hôtel Vent d’Ouest’s NUXE spa, and opted for an indulgent couples spa treatment for the body in this intimate, luxurious haven of serenity. Following this session, we enjoyed some time in the mosaic steam room and fell thoroughly chilled out!

After our massage, we relaxed in the Herbal Tea Room to the backdrop of soft lounge music and velvety decor. It was a wonderful way to relax and rewind.

An intimate and relaxing atmosphere

Spa de l'hôtel Vent d'Ouest au Havre

An ultra-cosy chalet-style room 

The four-star Hôtel Vent d’Ouest provides the perfect balance of style, elegance, fun and luxury. In our room for example, great effort had been made to combine an traditional chalet-style decor with glamorous modern touches. Each room is individually decorated and delightful complimentary treats are provided.

With its ideal location facing the futuristic St Joseph’s Church, great for experiencing the city, we strongly recommend booking a room with a balcony to admire this Auguste Perret masterpiece both by day and by night. After the sun goes down, the church lights up, revealing the magic of the church’s multi-coloured stained glass windows.

Chambre de l'hôtel Vent d'Ouest au Havre

Informal dining at Les Enfants Sages

Within walking distance from the hotel, the restaurant Les Enfants Sages is located in the former school master’s house. Diners can either sit on the ground floor and enjoy the canteen atmosphere and communal dining or venture upstairs to the building’s first floor to enjoy a more intimate, private meal with loved one. The walls feature posters, children’s pictures and books. We really felt like we were in a former school!

Portions are generous and the menu features many signature dishes such as the veal chops with morel sauce or the chef’s very own lemon tart. A feast for your taste buds!

In the summer, we’d recommend you sit outside in the restaurant’s landscape garden, which used to be the school playground.

Restaurant Les Enfants Sages au Havre


Hôtel Vent d’Ouest
4 rue de Caligny, 76600 Le Havre
+33 (0)2 35 42 50 69

Restaurant Les Enfants Sages
20 rue Gustave Lennier, 76600 Le Havre
+33 (0)2 35 46 44 08

Le Havre in all seasons

Le Havre in all seasons

There’s nowhere like Le Havre

There’s nowhere like Le Havre