Water Gardens

Water falls, streams, mills, ponds or lakes bear witness to the hard work of the owners or the architects of these gardens where the beauty of the natural world is displayed in a marriage between artifice and environment.

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> The Park of the Chateau of Acquigny

Here the hydraulic system dates back to the time of the medieval fortress built in around 1050. Over the centuries, a classic water grid surrounding a vegetable garden − including a large water ‘mirror’, as well as constructions dating from the very end of the 18th century in a romantic style − form the setting for a visit to the park.

> The Park of the Château of Beaumesnil

Instead of springs or streams, this water garden is fed by drainage channels that collect rainwater throughout the wooded section of the park. Three fountains bring the calm waters of the moat to life with their jets. A two-acre ‘mirror’ lake, with elegant outlines, lies behind the chateau. The views and proportions give the chateau an almost magical dimension.

> The Park of the Château of Bizy

In this classic park, water features evoke the former baroque splendour of the 18th century. Fed by a system of subterranean channels and ducts, ponds and fountains bring the formal plantings of the park to life.

> The Park of the Château du Champ de Bataille

The result of an ingenious system of watercourses and channels, water provides a structure to the perspectives and open spaces at Champ de Bataille. Fountains, pools and a canal lend character to the built elements and plantings of the gardens – sometimes with force, and sometimes accentuating the feeling of serenity.

> The Park of the Château of Saint Just

Captured at its source, water is channelled via a little stream into a large ‘mirror’ lake. This is the starting point of a hydraulic system supplying drinking troughs, a laundry, a flour mill, and a vegetable garden and orchard. Added to this, over the centuries, were a water ladder, a ‘buffet d’eau’, and about twenty pools fed by channels that form an imaginary map on the ground.

> The Park of the Château of Vendeuvre

A “surprise water garden”! And in fact the Château of Vendeuvre will surprise you, because here water is mischievous, and plays with the traditional structures of a Renaissance park: bridges, a temple, waterfalls and a shrine of greenery are reinterpreted so as to entertain, surprise, and delight you, and to give the park extra atmosphere.


Water falls, streams, mills, ponds or lakes...