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The “garden painter” Claude Monet explored how gardens could inspire art. In such crafted idylls as Giverny, poetry is everywhere, bringing together paint and plant. 

Claude Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

At Giverny, Monet had an army of gardeners to hone his garden in the ways he sought to perfect his art. Let’s imagine it’s 1920 not 2020 and he meets us at the gate with the simple suggestion that he made to the Duke of Trévise who had come to celebrate the great man’s 80th birthday. “It’s a beautiful day. Shall we take a turn in the garden?”
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The Gardens of Etretat

Clinging close to the cliff, the gardens at Etretat are a poetic mix of landscape and sculpture known as “land-art.” 
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© D. Saussey

The Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden at the Château de Bois-Guilbert is the work of the sculptor and landscape artist Jean-Marc de Pas.
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Château de Bois Guilbert © Château de Bois Guilbert

An “outdoor interior” garden

Welcome to the world of “Outdoor Interiors”. Dominique and Benoît Delomez are sculptors whose approach to sculpture is decidedly contemporary!
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Jardin “Intérieur à ciel ouvert” © Delomez

The gardens of the Château de Vascoeuil

The gardens of the Château de Vascoeuil display an open-air gallery of sculpture. 
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Parcs et Jardins du Château de Vascoeuil © Château de Vascoeuil