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Nature has carved fabulous shapes out of the white cliffs at Etretat. The extraordinary site drew Impressionist painters aplenty. The picturesque resort was also chosen as the setting for the stories of a favourite French children’s character, gentleman burglar Arsène Lupin. Another startling attraction is the cliff-top golf course.


A unique landscape

The cliffs steal the show at Etretat, thanks to their exceptional natural drama and aided by the fact that famous Impressionists painted them so memorably. Erosion has created extraordinary arches in the chalk either side of the resort. There’s also an amazing needle-like structure, known in French as an Aiguille.

There is more to Etretat than the cliff formations and the thick pebble beach, though. The small resort behind is full of charm. Along with some extravagant hotels, the remarkable wooden covered market stands out. Le Clos Lupin, a typical old villa in town, conceals mysteries for visitors, while the churches around Etretat stand out more prominently.

Back with the cliffs, you can go for some stunning walks along the cliff tops, where further surprises await, including a breath-taking golf course. Return to the famous cliff formations on the beach at night and you can see them magically lit up.


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