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Deauville beach covers a vast area from the sea to Boulevard Cornuché. The area is also sometimes referred to as the ‘lais de mer’. Historically, the area has always been highly popular among bathers, holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts alike. And to ensure you make the most, simply read this short guide and you are sure to enjoy the time you spend on our fine sands.

Take Boulevard Cornuché, then head for the ‘lais de mer’ car park (several entrances). Access for horses is not permitted from 20th March to 30th September from 10am to 7pm, then from 10am to 3.30pm as from 1st October.
Dogs are not permitted from 10am to 7pm from 15th March to 15th November. Outside the aforementioned dates, they are tolerated at low tide, at a distance of 100 metres from the promenade and the boardwalk.
Board Deauville’s tourist train and head for the seafront and the famous boardwalk, via the town’s major sites, over a 40-minute tour.
The tourist train transports you from mid-April to September and during all French C zone school holiday periods.
Departures from the Town Hall and the CID conference centre.
Return fare: €7 (adults) and €4.50 (-12 years).

Lifeguard surveillance.
The bathing zone covers a 550 metre-long and 300 metre-wide stretch of beach. In July and August, eight qualified lifeguards (BNSSA - French national sea safety and rescue certificate), together with three CRS security officers watch over the beach and the bathing zone.
Lifeguard surveillance operates:
- from 28th April on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays (occasionally the following or previous day) from 11am to 6pm;
- from 1st to 30th June on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays (occasionally the following or previous day) from 11am to 6pm. On-call surveillance (flag not hoisted) from Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm and every day from 1st July to 2nd September from 11am to 7pm.
Should you encounter a problem, please call: +33(0)02 31 88 31 70.

Worthy of note:
Huge masts topped with a boat, a house, a train or a ball are planted on the beach to help children find their way. Further information on Deauville beach at:



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  • Shower
  • Car park


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