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Wellness massages & nail stylist

Olga de Cosy d?Ol, a Story of Honfleur,
My story began on the Normandy coast in the 2000s.
i almost set up "?my little business?" in Honfleur...but it didn't happen.
Strangely enough, events kept bringing me back to Honfleur, as if something was inexorably drawing me there, like a magnet.
Honfleur is intimately entwined with my life as a woman, an artist, a craftsman and many other lives, and embodies for me spirituality, the art world, romantic walks, the sea and the blue sky.
More than 20 years have passed and a new cycle of life has begun for me to return, for I have found my path and my vocation in Honfleur. In fact, it was Honfleur that called me back, and it's certainly no coincidence that my Cosy d'Ol salon is located 2 steps from Maison SATIE.

Certified Practitioner - SPA Wellness Massages and Nail Styling, I have a holistic vision of man (body, mind, spirit)
My hands perform movements that soothe, relax and release muscular tension. Pragmatic, I'm delighted when a client comes back to me and says: "My back was tight and my neck stiff, but now it's pain-free"
My intention is to take Comfort and Well-being care a step further: to forge links and pass on something of great value to me?
Life? Energy ? Happiness? Optimism.
I want my customers to leave my salon with sparkle in their eyes.

That's why my Cosy d'Ol salon is ideally placed and very special. Cosy, intimate and minimalist, it packs everything into a minimum of space and allows you to do everything you need to? Soft music, a moment of silence to listen to each other and to messages from the body? "Sometimes it only takes a few words to relieve pain"
In my Cosy d?Ol salon, listening to others is extremely attentive, and massage messages are completely individualized.

I'm delighted to have set up shop at 72 rue Haute, next door to La Maison d'Erik SATIE.
This velocipedist, tightrope walker and juggler of words used to say that he was not a musician, but a sound measurer. Inspired by Jean Cocteau, he went through the looking glass to give a different vision of the world, mixing play, reality and infinite optimism.
In the manner of Erik SATIE, I'd like to tell you that I'm not a "Masseuse" but a "Heart and Body Measurer", and that I'd like to share with you my joie de vivre and my optimism.

You can book online 24 hours a day (see my website)
See you soon
Olga from Cosy d?Ol