Normandy Yacht Service

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Normandy Yacht Service, created by Patrick Lenormand, a former project leader and production manager at the Garcia naval construction yard, offers renovation, transformation, maintenance, and after-sales services, together with advice and technical assistance on all types of yachts and motor boats used for pleasure boating or professional needs.

Established within the premises of V1D2, in Caen’s Nouveau Bassin, offering a draught of 8m in a sheltered location, the company boasts a yard with a storage capacity of units up to 30m. The partnership between V1D2 and Normandy Yacht Service offers a maximum of coordinated services within a unique site and with one single contact.

Comprised of qualified professionals, the team is delighted to offer its excellent skills and command of a whole range of activities such as aluminium, stainless steel and titanium processing, and interior or deck fittings in teak.

The diversity of equipment employed in the sheet-metal workshop (MIG welder, TIG welder, hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic shear, olive roller, bender) enable the majority of pleasure boating work needs to be satisfied.

With efficacy and cost-efficiency in mind, Normandy Yacht Service proposes access to its workshops to companies you may wish to commission to work for you.