Vestiges du Château Gauthier Giffard

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Ruines du Château de Longueville
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Vestiges Château Longueville
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Explore the ruins of this medieval castle built in the 11th and 15th centuries by Gauthier Giffard, a companion of William the Conqueror.
If there are only ruins left today, the castle used to include many buildings, and according to archives from the 15th century the courtyard used to be divided into 2 parts, the upper courtyard and the lower courtyard, separated by a wall. Within the courtyard, there used to be a house, a building where the servants would eat, numerous bedrooms especially above the entrance towards Sainte-Foy, a chapel, a gallery, jails, garderobes (in the Middle Ages, the garderobe was the room with the hole, aka a privy.), a pantry (where bread was stored and distributed), the curtain wall was topped with a wall walk where it was possible to patrol...
It has recently undergone technical consolidation works, has seen the creation of an access path, been cleared of trees and dotted with an information panel which gives an idea of its appearance in the 15th century.





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