Senneville-sur-Fécamp Valley

Natural heritage, 


valleuse de Senneville 8- crédit OTI Fécamp
valleuse de Senneville 3- crédit OTI Fécamp
valleuse de Senneville 6- crédit OTI Fécamp
valleuse de Senneville 12- crédit OTI Fécamp

This small typical Norman village gathers beautiful houses made of brick and flint stone and the Sainte-Anne Church built in the 12th century.

The church was the place where the sailors' wives used to pray when their husbands were sailing on the Terre-Neuviers.

The Val de la Mer, ending with stairs replacing the former ladders, lets you discover a beach under amazing cliffses.

Pebbles pickers used to come here. Today it is a place for walks.


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Proche (1054m)

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