Réserve naturelle régionale de la clairière forestière de Bresolettes

Natural heritage, 


At the heart of the Perche and Trappe forest, Bresolettes Forest Glade Regional Natural Reserve is a unique protected area thanks to the diversity of natural habitats. The area was classified in 2010, ensuring the protection of these various natural habitats, including the forest (oak and beech) and associated open environments (heathland, ponds), wetlands (peatland, megaphorb, wet meadows), the Avre river and lakes.
The Bresolettes Forest Glade Regional Natural Reserve boasts a great variety of bats and woodpeckers. There are some protected species here, including chiropteras (bats) including the Daubenton’s bat, the brown long-eared bat, the common pipistrelle and the lesser noctule, and five species of woodpecker (black, green, middle spotted woodpecker, grey-headed woodpecker, and the great spotted woodpecker). Other protected species of bird can be found at the Reserve, including the European honey buzzard, the European nightjar and the black stork.
Among the amphibians and reptiles, you’ll find the fire salamander, northern crested newt, palmate newt and alpine newt, as well as the common European adder.
There are some rare and endangered butterflies here such as the chequered skipper and the large chequered skipper which are fond of humid heathland.
Floating water plantain and aquatic bladderwort can be seen in bloom on the forest ponds and in the surrounding area. Various species of cottongrass and a carnivorous plant, round-leaved sundew, can be seen on the shores of the ponds.