Pont Ango

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A movable bridge has linked downtown Dieppe and the Pollet peninsula since the mid-19th century. This bridge allows land and sea traffic between the Duquesne Basin and the outer harbor. It was replaced in 1949 by the current lift bridge, whose control cabin was designed by Dieppe architect Georges Feray (1892-1965).

The shape of the cabin on the Jehan Ango bridge, named after the famous Dieppois shipowner, is reminiscent of a ship?s cabin, with its large bay window and two bas-reliefs engraved on the walls. The first depicts Jehan Ango?s coat of arms, with the cabin?s date of construction: 1950. The second bears the emblem of the seafarers? health service. The masthead, cornice and glass paving stones also evoke the maritime aspect, and are also materials favored by Georges Feray.

In 1952 and 2009, the doors closing the Duquesne basin were replaced. These gates are associated with the bridge, as they maintain the water level between two tides.


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