Natterra, naturalist guides in Étretat

Patrimoine naturel,


Natterra organises guided tours and nature walks on the Cliffs of Etretat.

All year round, your guide will take you to see the wealth of natural resources of the Alabaster Coast. Walks at dusk, night tours, breakfast at sunrise, bird watching activities, shellfish picking, lectures, slideshows, family walks with children. "Get some fresh air" activities for team building events. Group tours and activities, etc.

These activities are available all year round, you can check the schedule and book at

If you don't find a tour or activity scheduled during your stay, you can contact us to organise another session upon request, depending on our availabilities, and/or plan a "private guided tour" for individuals or groups.

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Base rate - Full rate adult : 30 €
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Base rate - Full rate adult 30€




  • Groups welcome