Monument des Mineurs

Cultural Heritage, 



This monument was inaugurated during the Saint Barbara's Day ceremony in December 1962. The design of this memorial had been decided by Mr Vincent, director of the mine, as well as representatives of the mining communes of May sur Orne.
The decision, taken unanimously by the members, followed the announcement of the forthcoming closure of the mines of May and took into account the desire to keep some memories attached to the mining activity of the last 50 years, in particular the plaques fixed until then in the entrance hall of the large offices and on which are inscribed the names of staff members who disappeared, either in the field of honour or at work in the Mine.

The monument was imagined by Pierre Bienvenu, architect, and realized by the company Générini.

It is a monument 2 meters high and 12 meters long built both in concrete and sandstone of May, in which the statue of Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners, was placed. On the stele we can read "In memory of the workers of the Mines of May and Saint-André".

Departure of the circuit of the Monument dedicated to Minors.