Maison du Camembert

Patrimoine culturel, 


Camembert is a symbol of France and is considered a part of national gourmet heritage in France.
In 1791 during the French Revolution, Camembert was first created at the Manoir de Beaumoncel, very close to here, thanks to the combined talents of a refractory priest and a local farmer: Marie Harel.
The Maison du Camembert showcases the most iconic of French cheeses and pays tribute to Marie Harel at the historic place where this great cheese was first created. Tour with an audio guide.
After your visit, head over to the Fromagerie Beaumoncel to learn about the different steps in making 'Camembert de Normandie’.

Ratings and quality marks

  • Normandie Qualité Tourisme
  • Qualité Tourisme


Base rate - full rate adult : 4 € Child rate : 2 €
Base rate - full rate adult 4€
Child rate 2€




  • Bar, cafeteria, tea room
  • Parking for families
  • Baby changing area
  • Covered picnic area


  • Shop
  • Bicycle parking
  • Groups welcome