Les Arcades

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Following the destruction of Dieppe's town center by the Great Bombardment of 1694, the Arcades de la Bourse were part of the town's reconstruction program implemented by Ventabren, Louis XIV's architect. Ventabren imposed a classical style typical of the royal squares built in the 17th century, with pillars and arcades on the first floor allowing visitors to pass in front of the entresol stores, reminiscent of the Place des Vosges in Paris, while the symmetrical two-storey facade, uniform and linked by pilasters, is reminiscent of the Place des Victoires, also in Paris.
This open passageway to the port shows the power of its maritime activity. The nickname "de la bourse" recalls the city?s economic activity, while "poissonnerie" echoes the fishmongers? stalls under the arcades and on Quai Henri IV, where fishermen still stand today.
Today, the Arcades are emblematic of Dieppe in terms of their architecture and monumentality, and are still vibrant with restaurants, hotels and boutiques. Illuminated at night, they are an unmistakable part of the Dieppe landscape, day and night.


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