Le Ptit Clos Normand

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François-Xavier Craquelin from the P’tit Clos Normand in Villequier is a cider producer with a sustainable development approach.
“It is made using a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship. Contrary to industrial production, we harvest apples by hand and we don't use any hydraulic machines, etc.
This cider is made like in the old days!”
Since 2015, François-Xavier Craquelin has been producing cider beef. Beef inspired by Kobe beef. He gives cider to his cows at the end of the maturity period, which helps get a tender and flavoured meat.
His last creation is called "Calv’arrangé", a mix of Calvados with spices. A light drink, perfect to finish a meal. The flavours at the moment include honey and vanilla, and citrus fruit and cinnamon.
A now, mustard…
François-Xavier Craquelin now produces wholegrain mustard, just like it was produced in Normandy two centuries ago.
François-Xavier produces the mustard seeds and the Chef Christophe Mauduit makes the mustard.

Ratings and quality marks

  • Agriculture Biologique
  • Normandie Qualité Tourisme
  • Seine-Maritime Terroirs



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