La Chaumière aux Orties (Nettle Cottage)

Patrimoine culturel,


In the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, wild or forgotten plants have pride of place. The founders of the Chaumière aux Orties (Nettle Thatched Cottage) will convince you: weeds are often useful. Some have surprising properties, others are delicious in dishes. Learn more about their uses and properties thanks to recognition games, harvesting and other activities. Get to know nettles, sweet-scented bedstraw, elder, dandelions, dead-nettles, etc. better... And in the shop, which also sells books, stock up on delicious plant-based products, herbal teas, cordials, unusual jams, etc.


Base rate - full rate adult : from 3€ to 6 € Rate for adult group : 5 € School group rate : 5 €
Price Min. Max.
Base rate - full rate adult 3€ 6€
Rate for adult group 5€
School group rate 5€




  • Covered picnic area
  • Outdoor games
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Toilets


  • Shop
  • Play area
  • Animals welcome
  • Groups welcome
  • Can be privatised