Hôtel des Oratoriens

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The Oratorian College, located on the Quai Henri IV, was built on the site of the former house of the Dieppe shipowner Jehan Ango "La Pensée" in 1614.
Following the "Grande Bombarderie", an Anglo-Dutch attack which resulted in the destruction of Dieppe's town center in 1694, including the college. In the early 18th century, a new three-part brick and stone building was erected, surrounding a rectangular courtyard.
The Oratorian College had an educational function until the Revolution, when the building was requisitioned before regaining its original educational function, becoming in turn a public college, then a high school. Following a fire in 1938, a new school was built in 1959 on the heights of Dieppe.
Today, part of the building is occupied by the nursery school, whose canteen is housed in the former chapel. The other part is occupied by apartments.


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