Gisacum Archaeological Site

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Gisacum © CG 27,  F. Grimaud
Gisacum © CG 27, F. Grimaud
Gisacum Egout périphérique @ CG27, Mission archéologique
Gisacum @ CG27, Mission archéologique
jardin archéologique_thermes_créditCD27-EvreuxNormandie
Gisacum © Eure Tourisme, A. Eloy
Gisacum © Eure Tourisme, A. Eloy
Gisacum @ CG27, F. Grimaud
Gisacum © CG 27, F. Grimaud

Close to Evreux, learn more about the history of an important Gallo-Roman city.
Two thousand years ago, Gisacum was an exceptional city due to its size and its impressive monuments. This archaeological site allows you to explore this city thanks to the interpretation centre that explains the history of its foundation and the discovery made by archaeologists. The ruins of the public baths have pride of place in the archaeological garden, an original and educational setting as well as a pleasant place for a walk. With an antique city covering 250 hectares, the site of Gisacum is still being excavated by a dedicated team of archaeologists.
The site organises activities and events for all audiences throughout the year (visits of excavation sites, workshops, exhibitions, etc.).

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