Église Saint-Nicaise

Cultural Heritage, 



Mostly destroyed by fire in 1934, only the apse and the choir remain of the original Gothic church. A few months after the disaster, two brilliant architects decided to rebuild the church in a contemporary style. They were Emile Gaillard and Pierre Chirol.

They grafted onto the 16th century remains a reinforced concrete nave and a bell tower of monumental dimensions. The lines and ornaments are architectural elements that make this religious building an essential part of an Art Deco tour in Rouen.

The church, now desacralized, is awaiting a massive restoration. But its façade and the openwork spire of the bell tower, richly decorated and enhanced with statues, themselves made of reinforced concrete, are worth a visit. In the summer, a temporary bar appears in the garden that runs alongside the building and the nave. They allow you to enjoy a beer or a fruit juice, while taking advantage of the clean lines of the building and the Art Deco stained glass windows that light up at night.



  • Bar, cafeteria, tea room


Proche (829m)

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