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Eglise de La Haye

Patrimoine culturel, 


Eglise de La Haye

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50250 LA HAYE

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The city of La Haye comes to life arount its church, built between 1851 and 1862 in a neo-gothic style. Rebuilt on the site of an ancient Roman church, the church is now spacious and light.
Enclosed in the north chapel, do not miss the magnificient Renaissance tomb classed as an hisotric monument. Sculpted in black marble, it is the tomb of Arthur de Magneville, Lord of La Haye du Puits, who rebuilt the 16th century caslte.
The church also still displays visible traces of more recent historical events : in June 1944, the church was bombed and also suffered during the battle for La Haye du Puits in July. The arrow of the south tower was destroyed and never rebuilt.



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