Commune de Clécy

Cultural Heritage, 


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Nestling in the heart of Norman Switzerland, the village of Clécy has managed to safeguard and enhance its built heritage and preserve a remarkable and renowned landscape
The projects carried out over the years are in perfect harmony with the spirit and objectives of the "Village de caractère du Calvados" label that the commune obtained in 2018.
Clécy is the ideal base from which to explore the verdant panoramas of this Swiss Normandy, the Vélofrancette, the Rochers des Parcs, the Pain de Sucre, the Eminence or the Croix de la Faverie. Nature is nearby, it surrounds Clécy: no wonder that its surroundings are identified by lovers of the outdoors and adrenaline as a corner of freedom. Below the village, they can admire the large loop that the river draws in the rocks of the Armorican massif.

Ratings and quality marks

  • Village de caractère du Calvados