Atelier du Bel évent

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Atelier du Bel-event©Atelier du Bel event -Bidault-Stephane

Bel-Event creates, designs and manufactures fashion and decorative accessories in the purest French tradition.
The Bel-Event workshop brings design and handcrafted products back to the forefront.
With a selection of natural materials, handmade finishes and seams, and a rich traditional heritage, the workshop is in line with the codes of French refinement and elegance
Know-how :
With 37 years of experience in the creation of original designs for fashion and furniture of the greatest houses.
This expertise of several decades of creation has allowed us to gather thousands of original drawings covering all the great artistic currents from the 19th century to today.
Thanks to the combination of classic know-how and the most advanced design and printing technologies, the workshop combines tradition and modernity.
Always concerned with a quality product, our requirement honors the choice of materials, color combinations, finishes and artisanal manufacturing methods that allow us to position ourselves in the pure tradition of French luxury.

Workshop open by appointment