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The rich history of Normandy in the Middle Ages has not only made its mark on the landscape, but also inspired local people to adapt it in imaginative ways in keeping with the spirit of the times. It’s hardly surprising that certain places lend themselves to an immersive experience of a distant past that thereby lives on…


Escape game in the Rouen Dungeon

Imagine that the heavy door of the Rouen Dungeon, also known as the Joan of Arc Tower, has just slammed behind you. From this moment on, you and your team have got one hour to solve the enigma of “Blanchard’s chest”. Paul, the sweet old custodian of the Tower, has just died and left in his last letter a few hints as to how to unlock the door by going through the exhibition displayed within.

Useful information

Escape game in the Rouen Dungeon
4 rue du Donjon
76000 Rouen


A beer from an Abbey in the Seine Valley

Within the walls of the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille, founded in the year 649, a Benedictine community of monks live out their tranquil rhythm of work and prayer. One of their activities is brewing and bottling their own beer in situ. The cloudy orange colour is the product of a mixing of several malts, and has a full, round taste with a slight hint of caramel.

Useful information

Abbaye de Saint-Wandrille
2 Rue Saint-Jacques
76490 Rives-en-Seine

Please drink responsibly


Northmæn, the Viking beer

History tells us that in the year 997, the “chemist” Léo put on the market the first white, red, amber and brown beers brewed in the Viking tradition. Later the first Norman whisky emerged from the old barns of Thor Boyo. Since then the brewery-distillery has developed a wide range of beers and whiskies.

Useful information

Ferme-brasserie La Chapelle
154 Le Bourg
76780 La Chapelle Saint-Ouen

Please drink responsibly


« Public House for Mages and Muggles since 1633 »

Push open the door of the pub Moon & Sons in the centre Caen, and you have been swallowed up by the wall of King’s Cross station on Platform 93/4! Here, all is the world of Harry Potter, the world of muggles and magicians. You can open the book of potions and taste the famous Butterbeer beloved of sorcerers. Oh, and please leave your broomstick outside!

« Public House for Mages and Muggles since 1633 »
© S. Frères

Useful information

Pub Moon & Sons
20 avenue de la Libération
14000 Caen

Please drink responsibly


Paradise for Viking warriors

According to Nordic myth, Valhalla awaited warriors who had shown valour in mortal combat (but lost). In Bretteville-sur-Odon, just outside Caen, the Valhalla is a first in France, a tavern where you can wield axes! Under controlled conditions, why not try out this murderous skill dredged from the Dark Ages for yourself?
But here, you don’t need to be the bearer of a horned helmet in order to partake of a platter between friends, or imbibe beer, wine and mead!

Useful information

Le Valhalla
6 avenue de la Grande plaine
14760 Bretteville-sur-Odon

Please drink responsibly

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